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IWR6843ISK-ODS: What's the difference between static points and dynamic points?

Part Number: IWR6843ISK-ODS

When performing the area scanner demo, I found that the output TLV includes static and dynamic points.

Is their difference only about their speed? Then why separate them into two TLVs?

Another question is about the out-of-the-box demo:

I am using the Visualizer while trying different configs (trying to use the radar as a scanner for SLAM or something like that)

(I am using the 6843ISK_3d.cfg in the ROS demo)

I noticed that the point clouds have more points when the surrounding objects are moving (or the radar itself is moving)

But there will be only very few points or even no points when both the objects and the radar is static.

Is this because the demo only outputs those "static points"? 

If that is the case, is there any way to make the radar output all the points? (including static ones)



  • Hello Toby,

    First off I would recommend you go through some of our video trainings on Radar which can be found here ( One of the fundamental physical characteristics of Radar is that due to the doppler effect, Radar is really good at detecting movements of all kinds. However, it is much harder to detect static objects in general. We can tune the radar sensor to detect static objects by changing what is filtered out from detection and increasing sensitivity, but this can come with the trade off of accuracy with the existence of false points and noise.

    One of the first ways we increase static detection on our mmWave Radar Sensor devices is using clutterRemoval and turning it off by using "clutterRemoval -1 0". Second is to decrease CFAR thresholds by reducing the values in the cfarCfg parameter. Hint: go to the mmWave SDK user guide and look for this parameter and look for specifically the detection threshold value, this is the one you'll want to lower to increase the amount of points detected. And third is to change the TX backoff power.

    Many different applications of radar only care about dynamic objects/points, and so clutterRemoval is turned on.

    Best Regards,

    Pedrhom Nafisi

  • Thank you, Pedrhom! You have helped a lot!