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[FAQ] TMP112: Arduino or Energia Example

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMP102

Need help getting started with I2C communication and temperature decoding.

  • This example also applies to TMP102.

    #include <Wire.h>
    #define TMP112Addr 0x49
    /* Address Pin Options:
     *  GND 1001000 0x48
     *  V+  1001001 0x49
     *  SDA 1001010 0x4A
     *  SCL 1001011 0x4B
    void setup() {
    void loop() {
      Wire.write(0x0); /* Write Pointer=0 to select Temperature Register */
      Wire.requestFrom(TMP112Addr, 2); /* Request 2 bytes */
      int16_t ret = ( << 8) |;
      float tempC = (ret >> 4) * 0.0625;

    This will print temperature in degrees celsius to the Serial Monitor. It's important to note that storing/casting the 16 bit result in a signed 16 bit data type will correctly convert it to a negative number as appropriate. Here is the Serial Plotter showing a shot of freeze spray applied to the sensor, with negative temperatures correctly decoded: