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AWR1443BOOST: Getting lua script responses from mmWave Studio to MATLAB control

Part Number: AWR1443BOOST

Hi Team, seeking support for a customer.

Trying to create a MATLAB automation script for controlling my xWR14xx LFM radar chip from mmWave Studio using MATLAB. I have been following the documentation with the mmWave Studio User Guide on how to send commands from MATLAB to mmWave Studio using a Lua command sent over the RtttNetClientAPI.RtttNetClient.SendCommand() function. If this function executes correctly, it will always return 30000. 

I was curious if there is a way to obtain the response from the Lua command to my MATLAB script. As it appears, this SendCommand() function only sends commands but will not return the responses from those commands.  

E.g. If I send the following command "ar1.ReadRegister(0xFFFFE214, 0, 31)", in the Lua terminal within mmWave studio, I can receive the response and continue processing it. When I send this command over the SendCommand() from MATLAB it always returns 30000. Is there another command or a way for me to get the response into MATLAB? 

Thank you.


  • Hi Mark,

    There is also no direct API function to receive the messages back from the studio into MATLAB. Please find the list of all functions within the 

    RtttNetClientAPI.RtttNetClient class:

    • Close()
    • Connect()
    • Disconnect()
    • GetErrMsg()
    • GetLastError()
    • Init()
    • IsConnected()
    • ReferenceEquals()
    • RunScript()
    • SendCommand()
    • SendStopCommand()

    One way to get the response strings would be to use the "WriteToLog()" Lua command which will write the log to a log file. This could somehow be used to get the same info back into MATLAB. Please note that this is just a personal thought and is not something that is recommended.

    Please also note that we currently do not support automation of mmwave studio using MATLAB.