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TMAG5170-Q1: Why the MISO pin of TMAG5170-Q1 keeps Low?

Part Number: TMAG5170-Q1
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The MISO(SDO) pin of TMAG5170-Q1 always keeps low. I have checked each pin and no pins are shorted each other. I have captured the signals of each pin. The figure is in the following,

I tried to send Disable CRC command 0x0F000407, but the chip response nothing.  I am sure that MISO pin does not short to ground or other pins.

Is anyone have any idea for this issue?  Thank you.


  • Sunglin,

    Thanks for reaching out on E2E with your question.  Typically, I would expect to see a falling edge on CS to initiate the SPI transaction.  I know the device does expect to see this return to 1 at the end of each read or write.  It appears in your capture that it is always low.  Can you confirm that this is not tied to GND, and that it does return high between communication?



  • Hi Scott, 

    I captured another example MCU sent out 0x8D000014, and it should be expected received 0x00000009. This case is mentioned in an old post in this forum.

    The figure with CS signal is as follows,

    I have checked that MISO pin is not tied to GND or shorted to any pins, and the MISO pin always keeps in High.  I use MAX32651 as MCU to communicate to TMAG5170-Q1. 

    Thank you.


  • Sunglin,

    Are you able to probe at the device pins to ensure that each signal is properly reaching TMAG5170?  Also, can you confirm Vcc and logic levels being used?