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TMP112-Q1: Temperature measurement below -40 degrees C

Part Number: TMP112-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMP112, TMP117, TMP116

To whom it may concern
We wish to use a TMP112 device in our system. All the other parameters etc aside, we would like to know whether the device would carry on working at temperatures below -40 degrees C, or whether it would stall altogether.
In addition, if the device would continue working, what would happen to the accuracy?

Thank you very much


  • Hi Meyns,

    Although this is below the -40C recommended operating conditions, the device will continue to work down to -55C--as per the maximum operating conditions table seen below. However, using the device outside of the recommended operating conditions may degrade the reliability and lifetime of the device. Please see the following app report for more information on what recommended operating conditions and absolute maximum operating temperature parameters entail.

    In terms of accuracy, as this is below the recommended operating conditions, TI does not guarantee a temperature error spec below -40C. However, looking at the temp error vs. temp characteristics graph from the datasheet gives you an idea of the trend at the low temperature conditions with the temp error rising as temperature decreases.

    Do you plan on using this part below -40C continuosly? If so, you may want to consider looking into some of our I2C temperature sensors that go down to -55C for the recommended operating conditions. For instance, the TMP117 offers a wider operating temperature range and higher accuracy. I would also recommend looking into our hi-rel catalog. The devices listed here usually have a wider temperature range and this catalog could also help you find more devices for your system. 

    Best regards,
    Simon Rojas

  • Good morning Simon (or should I say "good afternoon" to you in the USA?)

    Thank you for your answer. It does provide some guidance. We do not plan to use the device continuously at those very low temperatures, but there may be instances where we may need to cater for these. We do know about the TMP117, but in our environment (ZA) it is overpriced for what we really want to achieve.

    Thanks you very much


  • Hi Mynard,

    Thank you for the clarification, if you are looking for an alternative at a comparable rate right now, the TMP116N could work for you. This device has a recommended operating temperature range of -55C to 150C. Please see the following comparison table below including some hi-rel temperature sensors as well:

    Best regards,

    Simon Rojas

  • Hello Simon

    OK the powers that be deemed the TMP116 suitable for the job. So we shall be using the TMP116AIDRVT.