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AWR6843AOP: AWR6843AOP Rx Gain Monitor

Part Number: AWR6843AOP


Hi Ti,

I want to get Rx Gain information while senor running CPD Demo code.
I find a remark in SDK like this : 
The measured RX gain for each enabled channel, at each enabled RF frequency \n
                     (i.e., lowest, center and highest in the profile's RF band) is reported \n
                     here. Byte numbers corresponding to different RX and RF, in this field \n
                     are here: \n
                             RF1     RF2     RF3 \n
                     RX0     1:0     9:8     17:16 \n
                     RX1     3:2     11:10   19:18 \n
                     RX2     5:4     13:12   21:20 \n
                     RX3     7:6     15:14   23:22 \n
                     1 LSB = 0.1 dB \n
                     Only the entries of enabled RF Frequencies and enabled RX channels are \n
                     valid. \n
                     The RX gain is measured using only ADC power and under assumption of a fixed
                     LB power for all RF1, RF2 and RF3 frequencies to avoid interference
                     impact. \n Therefore, RX gain shows around 10 dB deviation from
                     programmed RX gain across full temperature range. \n
                     For xWR1xxx devices: \n
                     The actual Rx gain of the device in dB = RX GAIN VALUE(Rf freq, Rx) +
                     (-38dBm) �� LOOPBACK_POWER_TEMP_dBm(Temp[C]) \n
                     Where LOOPBACK_POWER_TEMP_dBm (Temp[C]) = -0.07*Temp[C] �� 34 \n
                     Loopback power is -38 dBm around 50 C, and decreases with slope of
                     -7 dBm/100C. These formulae can be used for monitoring reports not affected
                     by interference. \n
                     For xWR6x43 devices: \n
                     RX gain value reported by the device assumes a constant loopback power. 
                     Please refer to monitoring application notes for more information on 
                     computing the actual RX gain from the device reported gain value. \n
    rlUInt16_t rxGainVal[12U];

But I still can't understand how to read it.
Can you help me?