AWR6843AOP: AWR6843AOP flash my bin file through CAN Bus

Part Number: AWR6843AOP
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Refer to radar_toolbox_1_30_01_03/source/ti/examples/can_sbl/docs/CAN_SBL_users_guide.html
I have a AWR6843ISK board. I would like to flash my bin file through CAN Bus.
Copied PCANBasic.dll to C:\windows\SysWOW64\,
Installed ti_emupack_setup_9.2.0.00002_win_64.exe but I did not find "XDS110 Class Application/User UART" under device manager.
However, I found CAN_Metaimage_Flasher.exe from Radar Toolbox\radar_toolbox_1_30_01_03\tools\CAN_SBL_Flasher\ ,
I give a command from terminal as follow:
CAN_Metaimage_Flasher.exe <my bin file>
I'm still unable to flash through CAN Bus ! How do I supposed to do ? Any comment on this

  • Hey Steven,

    Thanks for reaching out regarding your question on the CAN SBL. First of all, if you are trying to get the UART ports to be recognized by your PC, you will need to download the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers. Note that the AWR6843ISK does not have an XDS110 by itself, and that an MMWAVEICBOOST is needed if you would like to debug the AWR6843ISK in CCS.

    You will also need to import the CAN SBL project in CCS and make a few changes to the build settings and code to be compatible with AWR6843ISK. You can follow the procedures outlined in this E2E post

    Lastly, make sure your hardware is setup properly. Plug the PCAN into your PC, make sure you have a 120 ohm terminator connected up to the DB9 connector of the PCAN to prevent reflections, and ensure your CAN_L and CAN_H pins are connected to the correct pins on your board. Toggle S1.1 on your board to ON to select the CAN transceivers.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.