[FAQ] IWRL6432: How can I reject points whose height is too low?

Part Number: IWRL6432


To eliminate points whose height (Z-coordinate is too low), TI recommends making the following changes to the motion and presence demo / video doorbell demo:

1. Open a new project in CCS. Build the example you're working on.

2. Copy the CFAR DPU into the project by dragging it into the project explorer in CCS. Modify the includes paths to build the project using the CFAR DPU that's in the project explorer.

3. Modify the cfarprochwa.c file in the CFAR_DET_HWA_cfarRange_ProcList() function in the CFAR DPU. When the z-coordinate is computed here, add the following lines (3947-3949): 

Note that the z-coordinate here is in local coordinates, so the minimum detection height global should be modified accordingly.