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Digital Output Temperature Sensors FAQ

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-00824, TIDA-00452, LMT70, TMP112

This is a FAQ to address the common questions asked about Texas Instruments Digital Output Temperature Sensors.

Digital temperature sensors:

  • Use the highly predictable and linear properties of PN junctions to measure temperature
  • Guaranteed high accuracy
  • Require no calibration
  • Highly integrated, multi-channel options to monitor external PN junctions available

 Refer to these questions to figure out which type of temperature sensor is needed for your application:


We can divide TI Digital Output Temperature Sensors in two categories:

  1.  Local Temperature Sensors with Digital Output
  2. Remote Temperature Sensors

Advantages of Local Temperature Sensing

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Good noise immunity
  • No external transistor required
  • Excellent accuracy and temperature range
  • Extremely Linear

If you know the device specifications you need, head straight over to the Parametric Search for Local Temperature Sensors with Digital Output

 Advantages of Remote Temperature Sensing

  • Multi-channel available; allows temperatures to be monitored for more than 1 location
  • Measure direct die temp of CPUs/GPUs
  • Not required to be close to temperature source
  • Good accuracy and temperature range
  • Extremely Linear

If you know the device specifications you need, head straight over to the Parametric Search for Remote Temperature Sensors

Information about how the work can be found in TI Application Note SBOA172 - Optimizing Remote Diode Temperature Sensor Design

TI Designs:

There are TI Designs to help you with your applications. TI Designs are comprehensive designs that include schematics or block diagrams, BOMs, design files and test reports of typical applications using our TI parts. Please find the list of TI Designs that include TI temperature sensors:

TIDA-00156 - Capacitive Touch Operated Automotive LED Dome Light with Haptics Feedback

TIDA-00217 - Dynamic Field-Powered NFC Reference Design for Data Logging, Access Control, & Security Applications

TIDA-00215 - Reference Design for Distance and Weight Measurement Using Inductive Sensing

TIDA-00220 - Capacitive-Based Human Proximity Detection for System Wake-Up & Interrupt Reference Design

TIDA-00824 - Human Skin Temperature for Wearable Applications Reference Design

TIDA-00452 - LMT70 Thermal Response for Wearable Devices

TI Application Note SLVA704 is an excellent reference for I2C questions.

TI Application Note SNIA021 - Wearable Temperature Sensor Layout Considerations Optimized for Thermal Response


FAQ 1:

Question) How do I measure skin temperature?

Answer) A good place to start is to review the slides from TI's Skin Temperature Measurement Webinar (slyw051).  It shows various methods of measuring skin and body temperature using the TMP112 and the LMT70.