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Temperature Sensor for CC 2530 DK

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my name is Dimi and I am a beginner in this domain. I have the CC2530DK.

I would like to use the example with the temperature sensor of HA examples and connect a Temperature Sensor to one of the CC2530EB so the real temperature will be appeared in the other CC2530DK. Is it possible? What kind of Temperature Sensor should I use?

Thank you in advancel

  • Hi Dimi,

    Let's me look into this, and get back to you.


  • Thank you very much.

    I look forward your suggestion.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Dim,

    I reviewed the CC2530 development kit yesterday, and realized that there are two modules (CC2531 USB dongle, CC2530EM Wireless) that you can use in conjunction with the main motherboard. There are many ways to communicate with our temperature sensors, but I noticed the CC253x supports SPI, UART, and 12-BIT ADC. Our temperature sensor portfolio have them all. It's depended on what temperature accuracy you are looking for and your intent application.

    If you are comfortable with CC2530 ZigBee, then you have more accessible of PORT0 and PORT1. This will allow to bring almost all the supported protocols. However, CC2531 might be easier for you writing the firmware by bringing the 12-BIT ADC to the PORT0. Hope this helps you get started it.

    Not sure what is your temperature accuracy. Here is a list that might be interested to you.

    1. SPI - LM70, LM71, LM95071, TMP121, TMP122, TMP123, TMP124, TMP124
    2. UART - TMP104, TMP107
    3. 1-Wire - LMT01 (This might be very difficult to implement, but we do have example firmware in MSP430)
    4. ADC - LM20, LM94022, LMT70 (best accuracy), TMP20, and much more

  • First of all I would like to thank you for the analytical reply.

    I forgot to mention that this is a project in my university, in which

    I have to monitor the temperature of a room by using the CC 2530 DK

    and Zigbee protocol.

    I would prefer the easiest way which will be compatible with the example in the HA examples,

    but I don't know which sensor should I choose. Could you advice me?

    You also wrote "However, CC2531 might be easier for you writing the firmware by bringing the 12-BIT ADC to the PORT0".

    You mean that in this way I have to change the Zigbee Protocol? Could you please explain it a little bit more?

    Thank you for your help again.

  • Hi Dim,

    The PORT0 and PORT1 are available on the Zigbee board through the IO Connector of P1 and P2. The PORTx is multiple function features that allows you to configure to anything by reprogramming your firmware. What I meant is you need to bring out the PORT0 and PORT1 to SPI, UART, or ADC. For example, let's say I want to use an Analog Temperature Sensors so I need to configure my PORTx available on the Zigbee board to ADC 12-BIT then connect for example LM20 or TMP20 output pin on the ADC. The ADC will read the voltage and determine the temperature by converting voltage to temperature.

  • Once again thank you for the reply.

    Since I feel more comfortable with CC2530 EB and I am a beginner on this,

    which sensor do you consider the easiest to be connected and programmed?

    After I connect it, will the temperature example from Home Automation examples

    work with this sensor? Where will I find information on how I connect it and how

    should I update the firmware?

    Sorry for all these questions, but is seems difficult to find information on line.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Hi Dim,

    I know that you are very frustrated about your project. I spent a quite bit time looking at this, and provided all the necessary temperature sensors for you to use. The CC2530 Zigbee protocol has IO connector on the module, so you need to learn how to bring the SPI, UART, or ADC 12-BIT out to the PORT0 and PORT1. This is something I can't help you. You might need to post on Wireless Forum, and the expert person might have an example for you.

    As I mentioned on the previous posted, if you bring an ADC 12-BIT out then you can use one of our analog temperature sensor. We also have temperature sensor available in SPI or UART protocol.

    No matter what protocol you are planning to use, but you are still need to find out how configure those feature on CC2530, and to change the firmware you need the compiler from CC2530 so that you can modify the code. This might be a question for you to post on the suggested forum.

  • Thank you very much.
    I will try and let you know.