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Linux/IWR1642BOOST: Can I build dss and mss firmware on Linux using CCS?

Part Number: IWR1642BOOST

Tool/software: Linux


                  I am new to CCS and mmWave studio. So please forgive me if I am asking something stupid.

I am trying to build the traffic monitoring_16xx_dss project using CCS (Version: But the build fails complaining I am missing dsplib files ( eg error : cannot open source file "ti/dsplib/src/DSPF_sp_fftSPxSP/DSPF_sp_fftSPxSP.h"). When I searched for dsplib in TI website, I could only find the Windows version of C67x dsplib

  • Interestingly, windows version seem to compile without installing any dsplib. It seems to be happy with the lib in the mmWave SDK. I installed v7.4 of CCS on windows though.

  • Hello,

    All of the mmWave labs on the TI Resource Explorer are currently only supported/tested with CCSv7 on Windows. So using CCSv8 and/or building using CCS on Linux may not work.

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  • I am now past the dsplib missing problem. For anybody who came to this page searching for the solution. I reverted to 7.4 as I have managed to build the same on Windows. But had the same problem!
    Then going through the project settings, I found CCS thinks the dsplibs were installed on the my C drive on Linux (C:\ti). Once I updated the include and Linker path, the build is done. But am stuck on post build where the system is trying to run some exe files! But your answer explains it.

    Thank you