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AWR1642BOOST-ODS: Is AWR1642BOOST-ODS suitable for our application?

Part Number: AWR1642BOOST-ODS
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We have AWR1642-ODS EVM revA. and we want to detect vehicles in indoor conditions. Our system setup will be in configuration shown below.

We would like to know that if AWR1642-ODS EVM revA will be appropriate for our application.

Best regards,

Aytac Kahveci

  • Hi,

    Do you plan to use the Obstacle Detection Processing chain provided in the Automotive Tools box in the TI Resource Explorer or do you plan to develop your own processing chain?

    The Obstacle Detection Processing detects static objects.

    You can use it to detect static cars

    thank you
  • Hi Cesar,

    We want to detect dynamic vehicles. We plan to use Obstacle Detection Processing chain for that purpose but if it is not suitable and if the AWR1642-ODS EVM revA permits to fullfill our application in this setup, we would like to know which processing chain we should use.

    Best Regards,
    Aytac Kahveci
  • We recommend using the AWR1642BOOST EVM.

    We have a larger variety of processing chains available for that board

    You could use the SRR processing chain provided in the Automotive toolbox in the TI Resource Explorer

    thank you
  • Hi Cesar,

    We tried SRR processing chain and by using it we got 2D data from objects. It is necessary for us to acquire 3D data from detected objects. Would you propose another processing chain for this objective?

    Best Regards,

    Aytac Kahveci

  • If you need elevation data, you will need to use AWR1843, which has a third Tx antenna used for elevation. AWR1642 only has azimuth antennas. There are similar demos available that collect X,Y,Z data for detected objects.
  • Sorry to bump in to some one else's thread, I have the exact requirement as the original poster and I have raised a separate thread and I was answered that AWR1642BOOST ODS antenna pattern can detect 3 dimensions. Here you are suggesting the newer chip for the third dimension.

    My question is, if AWR1642BOOST ODS can detect third dimension, is there any hindrance in developing an application similar to people counter which classifies people and other objects ? because essentially that is what the original poster is asking for. Other than the lack of readymade processing chain available is there any other hindrance? I am also looking for an explicit answer as in what is involved in creating a new processing chain by an end user - whether it is doable .

    Even if some one uses the newer chip what guarantee is that TI will provide a processing chain which will suit the end user;s needs?

  • Yes, we recommend that you open a new thread.  If you have followup questions, please open a new thread and refer to this one if necessary.

    All mmWave sensors can detect in three dimensions, but those without an elevation antenna cannot distinguish object position in the Z dimension.  AWR1642BOOST-ODS has an antenna pattern created specifically for the ODS application.  AWR1843BOOST contains a more generic antenna pattern that yields X, Y and Z point cloud data. There are labs available in the TI Resource Explorer Automotive Toolbox that serve as examples for a 3D processing chain (MRR is one example).  Of course, you are free to develop your own processing chain from scratch or start with an existing lab and modifying it for your purposes.


  • I found a FAQ thread which gives a step by step approach