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AWR1642: Can PMIC_CLKOUT(P9) be used in AWR1642?

Part Number: AWR1642
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LP87702

Hello Champion,
     My customer's schematics references TIDA 020004, and connect AWR1642 P9 (PMIC_CLKOUT) to LP87702 CLKIN pin. While when they called rlDevicePmicClkConfig to enable this clock, they got RL_RET_CODE_API_NOT_SUPPORTED error.
     Can you confirm whether PMIC_CLKOUT can be used in AWR1642?


  • Hello Adam,

    The rlDevicePmicClkConfig API is for 1243/2243 device. In case of 1642 the application can do direct register writes to configure the PMICclkout.

    Below is an example lua script to do it. The values can be changed appropriately based on the requirement.

    // Perform the appropriate pin mux for the PMIC CLKOUT pin

    //Ungate the PMIC CLKOUT
    RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Registers/MSS_TOPRCM/EXTCLKCTL","0x0")

    // Select the source CLK divider value for PMIC CLKOUT
    RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Registers/MSS_TOPRCM/EXTCLKDIV/EXTCLK2DIV","0x2")

    //Select the CLK source
    //•000 -> XTAL clock (40MHz or 50 MHz
    //•001 -> RCCLK (10Mhz)
    //•010 -> 600Mhz PLL divided clock
    RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Registers/MSS_TOPRCM/EXTCLKSRCSEL/EXTCLK2SRCSEL","0x2")

    //Set the frequency slope
    RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Registers/MSS_TOPRCM/DCDCCTL0","1966080")

    //Set MIN Div and MAX Div values while keeping the PMIC CLKOUT in reset
    RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Registers/MSS_TOPRCM/DCDCCTL1","0x32320200")

    //Enable the PMIC CLKOUT by releasing the reset <Bit 1>
    RSTD.SetAndTransmit ("/Registers/MSS_TOPRCM/DCDCCTL1","0x32320202")