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MMWCAS-DSP-EVM: 硬件设计,能否将MMWCAS-DSP-EVM用的60 pin MIPI JTAG口换成14 pin的仿真器标准座子

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HI TI erperts:

有两个问题帮忙解答 下

1 参照MMWCAS-DSP-EVM设计级联雷达处理板中,能否将DEMO板中的60 pin MIPI JTAG口换成14 pin的JTAG仿真器标准座子? 即去掉EMU信号,如果可以需要哪些注意事项?  

2 换成14 pin的JTAG仿真器标准座子, 可能会有哪些影响?比如哪些功能不支持,或者速度变慢等。

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  • HI ti erperts:

     I have three problems :

    1)  We are designing cascaded radar processing board refer to mmwcas-dsp-evm;  Can we use 14 pin standard  JTAG connector  in our design to repalce 60 pin MIPI JTAG (which is used on mmwcas-dsp-evm) ?


    2) If  14 pin standard  JTAG connector is ok, In other words, delete the EMU signal,  What precautions are needed?

    3) What are the adverse effects?  For example, which functions are not supported.

  • Hi user796308,

    In case you have not seen it yet, the Emulation and Trace Headers application note ( may help with some of your questions. 

    1. You can use any supported TDA2 JTAG/debugging interface. The 60-pin MIPI allows for the full XDS560v2 debugger support which matches the capabilities of the TDA2 SoC. 

    2. You lose all of those removed EMU port signals. This eliminates the supported DSP/ARM Trace capabilities. 

    3. See answer #2. 

    Thank you,