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WEBENCH® Tools/LDC1612-Q1: /DC100x inductance for Silicon target devices

Part Number: LDC1612-Q1

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools


If the target device distance (to Inductor) is fixed  (like 1/4"), but the target device conductivity is varying from 0.0001 to 100 (s/m). what's the inductance range should be for LDC100x/LDC161x?


  • Chuanxiao,

    I would recommend you use the LDC Calculator available in the product folder for this IC.  The change in inductance is due to the build up of eddy  currents on the target. Eddy currents induced by the LDC’s AC magnetic field flow near the surface of the conductor, and reduce in amplitude deeper into the conductor. The attenuation of current follows an exponential trend with distance from the surface. The skin depth, δ, is the distance at which the current is reduced to 1/e (~37%) of the density at the surface. The skin depth calculation account for the resistivity of the material which may be helpful in your case. A more conductive device will build up more eddy current on its surface and result in a larger change in the overall inductance of the sensor.

    For more information, refer ot the Target Design application note:

    See section: 5 Skin Depth vs. Frequency for a Variety of Conductors

    The calculator has a skin depth tab that you can use to calculate. Please take a look at the calculator in the product folder.