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LDC2112: some question for LDC2112 chip

Part Number: LDC2112
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LDC2114, LDC1614

HI sir:

I am currently developing a feature that uses the LDC2112 chip to measure inductance.Does LDC2112 chip support the function of measuring inductance?
If the function of measuring inductance can be realized, can you provide the principle?

No relevant inductance register was found in the chip. Do you need to measure other values by formula conversion?I consulted the relevant lLDC2112 chip manual.There is a formula related to inductance, but it is useful to the parameter of frequency. Is this parameter set by us? Then can the chip know its frequency?

Thank you sir.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your interest in considering the E2E. 

    In order to go ahead and get started on this please review our Inductive Sensing FAQ that introduces you to the technology and also provides guidance and direction on the tools and resources available on 



  • HI  Arjun:

    LDC2114 can provide 12 bit (2 complement) measurement, I want to know what this measurement represents.Is this frequency or inductance?

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    This represents the inductance. Our LDC portfolio of devices are measuring the inductance through the serial interface. 

  • HI  Arjun:

    Do you know the relationship between 12 bit (2 complement) measurement and inductance value?Is there any formula conversion, or is there a one to one relationship between the measured value and the inductance value?

    Best regards

  • Hello, 

    Its a direct relation to frequency. I apologize for the information and here is the correction. The LDC devices output frequency and from the sensor frequency you can extract the inductance information. 

    Again, just a reminder that we have great basic and advanced information on the principles here on the FAQ 

    Can you please provide us with your application ? 

  • HI Arjun:

    you mean that 12-bit (2's complement) measurement represents the frequency, but the frequency range of the sensor in the chip manual is 1MHZ~30MHZ, and the maximum 12-bit measurement is only 4096, so they should have a corresponding relation.Can you tell me?

    Best regards

  • HI Arjun:

    Maybe I should make it clear, are 12-bit measurements related to inductance values?I know that the inductance is directly related to the frequency, but I cannot get the frequency from a register. How can I get the output frequency of LDC device? I hope you can provide some help.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    The LDC device output is a function of frequency and the frequency change is due to the change in the inductance due to the change in the position of the metal. 

    LDC2114 device 12 bits is the change in the detection from the initial resonance frequency.

    If you are interested in measuring the change in frequency with respect to a metal. I would recommend you look at our LDC1614 family of parts. The LDC2114 is specific to a button application and the built in algorithm tracks for nay changes within the metal due to aging or temperature and detects only a button press. 

    If you are looking for an application that detects a change in metal position and are interested in target movement please look into LDC1614 device. 

    As holidays are approaching there maybe delay in the response and I would encourage you to read all of the content that is online here in our FAQ and it can help you guide you in the device application, selection and the concepts. Please reach out for any specific information related to the existing content. 

  • HI  Arjun:

    I'm so sorry for replying to you so late. Thank you for your help and helping me solve the problem.

    Best wishes

  • You are welcome and let us know if you have any more questions.