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[FAQ] Quickstart steps with mmWave Sensor

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Here is quick-start info for a new mmWave Sensor User.


Q1. I have bought one of mmwave sensor, now how to start with this?

To develop software on mmwave sensor we provide mmwave SDK which is applicable for the entire device variant except for AWR1243. Start with mmwave sensor training material and then refer mmwave SDK user guide which is available in mmWave SDK installation for writing code and executing an application on the sensor.

Please refer below link which provides all possible important links related to this device.


Q2. What are the boards or EVM I need to buy to work with mmWave Sensor?

First, you need to decide your mmWave Sensor variant out of AWR/IWR based on Automotive/Industrial or range/velocity etc. requirements. You can buy an evaluation board of the specific device variant xWR1***BOOST or [IWR6843ISK+MMWAVEICBOOST]

If you need to capture RAW ADC Data from mmWave Sensor for your development then we recommend you to get DCA1000EVM along with evaluation board.


Q3.  Is there any reference application that is close to my requirement?

Answer: mmWave SDK provides mmw demo application in it for each of mmwave sensor variants. This application does radar signal processing and sends object data (cloud points) over UART to PC GUI. The same application provides an option to stream raw ADC data over LVDS.

On top of this application, there are many other examples are available at TI-Rex under Automotive and Industrial umbrella. Here you can find lab examples, chirp & antenna database and many experiments on mmwave sensor.


Q4. What are tools, compiler or pre-requisite to use mmwave sensor for development?


Hardware: EVM board and DCA1000EVM for data capture.

Software reference: mmWave SDK

Compiler and other tools: install along with SDK installer.

RTOS: TI-RTOS (default with SDK) but can be easily migrated to other available RTOS or AutoSAR.

Peripheral Driver: mmWave SDK provides all possible peripheral driver, even MCAL driver (separate package) is available for AutoSAR.

Flashing tool: UniFlash

IDE: Code Composer Studio (CCS)

Windows/Linux: mmWave SDK Installer comes for Windows and Linux. Users can build code/application in these two OS.

Q5. What is the field of view for EVM/BoosterPack? (both azimuth and elevation)

Answer: +/- 60 degrees in the azimuth (120 deg total) and +/- 15 degrees in the elevation (30 deg total).

Similar threads: IWR1443BOOST: About elevation estimation

Q6. Question: What are the main differences between the AWR and IWR devices?


1. AWR1xxx devices support a wider junction temperature range, -40C to 125C. IWR versions support -40C to 105C.

2. AWR1xxx devices are qualified for automotive applications as they are AECQ100 qualified and ASIL-B capable. This is not the case for IWR variants.

3. Specific to the 1642, AWR1642 has 2 CAN interfaces, one of them being CAN-FD. IWR1642 only has one CAN interface (no CAN-FD).

Similar Threads: IWR1443BOOST: IWR and AWR chip choices

Q7: What is the main difference between resolution and accuracy in mmWave Sensors?

Answer: It is important to distinguish between "Range Resolution" and "Range Accuracy" as these are two different (but related) concepts. Resolution refers to the minimum distance between two objects that is needed by the sensor to distinguish them apart. As of now the minimum range resolution of mmWave Sensors is just under 3 cm. Accuracy refers to the error in actual distance compared to what is detected by the sensor. As of now mmWave sensors have seen accuracy to within .1 mm under certain conditions.

Q8. How to estimate simple parameters like Maximum range or velocity that can be covered using the mmWave sensor?

Please refer to the below thread:


Please check TI mmWave FAQs before posting a new query

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    Please check TI mmWave FAQs before posting a new query

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