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AWR1243BOOST: Question on Antenna geometry

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Part Number: AWR1243BOOST


Please refer to the previous thread of mine to get some idea on the problem i mentioning 


I am trying to redesign the antenna to improve the gain and detection range .


To get the elevation information of a object we are using Tx antenna (middle one) lambda higher than other two antennas . 

Can't we get elevation information from the linear array antennas ? it means (Rx1,Rx2,Rx3,Rx4,Rx5,Rx6,Rx7 ,Rx8) all receiver are corresponding to azimuth Tx antennas 

if i have a antenna geometry which is shown below .......

Rx1 position :(0 , 0 , 0 ).

Rx2 position :(0.5 lambda, 0 , 0).

Rx3 position :(0 , 0 , 0.5 lambda).

Rx4 position :( 0.5 lambda , 0 , 0.5 lambda).

the above antenna geometry is antenna is positioned in X and Z direction but not in Y direction ............... Still do we get elevation information by using only one Tx antenna 


Please answer me as fast you can and let me know from the above mentioned antenna geometry it is possible to estimate the elevation angle or not .