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AWR1642BOOST: AWR1642 using TSW1400 in mmwaveStudio result problem

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When I used the acquisition kit to collect at the school playground, I found that the 2D-FFT results showed higher peaks at zero distance and maximum distance when there was no target against the sky.

When I am facing the ground, there are more ground clutter. Is this normal?

  • Hello Yashuai,

    Yes that is expected. There will be coupling from the Tx to Rx antennas , which will look like an object at a very very short distance (basically close to DC). When you face the ground the reflections from the ground will also be similar and also very strong.

    The IF BW of interest is typically outside the HPF (programmed by the user) and LPF (0.8Fs in complex 1x mode, 0.4Fs in complex2x mode/real mode).