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Third Party Patent


I have recently filed for a patent with the UK Patent Office.

Who would I contact within the company if I wished to generate interest from Texas Instruments.



  • Hi Keith, 

     E2E is for technical/engineering circuit design issues.  The Customer Support Center is in a better position to address your inquiry, I’ve asked them to contact you directly – please let me know if you don’t hear from them within the next business day.

    Thanks you,


  • Hi Leonard,

    Not sure how the world clock might impact the definition of next business day but I am in the UK and, as yet, no response.

    I have previously poked your Investor Relations Department,, but again, as yet, no reply. Today I called your UK customer service number and ended up talking to a chap in your, second sourced, Education department.

    Really nice bloke who apologised for not being to help and mentioned they had received a number of similar non educational enquiries but I get the big company thing so not really his problem but you might mention it to someone elsewhere.

    What now?



  • Hello Keith (or Bob),

    As you know, E2E is for circuit design and technical information for TI devices, not for patent discussions.  I have no experience with this type of inquiry, so I am asking around to see who might be able to engage in a discussion with you.  It may take up to a week to get an answer, and I will post a Reply as soon as I have some information for you.



  • Hello Again,

    OK, thanks for your time and assistance. It is Keith. I signed up kind of anonymously and quickly put my foot in it.

  • Hello Leonard,

    Perhaps I should go low maintenance.

    Last message from the UK patent office on 24th August was that my application had not been accepted for accelerated processing but it was suggested that their workload was such that I might expect the results of preliminary search within one to two months.

    Perhaps I should wait for that report before bothering you further.

    In respect of the application it covers the basic concept in as much as I reasonably thought I could describe it and produce a set of valid claims. In developing the idea I looked at the possibility of extending its application but I have not sought protection on such extensions. I would need assistance in order to do so and it is likely that the original application may need to be withdrawn and refiled.

    As a result irrespective of who you find it is likely that I will have to insist on a non-disclosure agreement similar in format to the example provided at,

    Otherwise if possible you can contact me via the e-mail address I used to register on these forums and I can send you copies of the procedural documents to date.

    Again thanks for your time.


  • Hi Keith, 

    Message from our legal department is as follows:

    Though we appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing feedback, TI does not accept unsolicited technology or inventions for use in TI products from third parties.  In accordance this policy, we did not share the content you sent with any TI development team.  This reply constitutes our closure of this matter.

    To verify, no technical information has been exchanged, nor will be. 

    Good luck with your invention.



  • Hi Leonard

    A bit of a disappointment but thanks for trying.