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CP2 error on order process (support ticket provided by Eallen Li )

I'm facing a CP2 error while trying to pass my order on The exact error message says:

  • We cannot process your order at this time due to corporate policy restriction CP2

I do *NOT* have any "strange" non-ascii character in the address fields.

The support provided in the ticket by Eallen Li.  She wrote MULTIPLE times: 

"Yes, follow the error message. I believe I have completed your request. Therefore, I have set the status as resolved."

There is NOTHING to follow... I explained her the situation multiple times in the ticket (), she just replied the same thing over and over. What's the point to close a ticket if you don't provide any solution. Can someone explain to me this?

In any case, how can I finalize my order?

  • Hello Gregoire, 

    E2E is for design, debug and engineering inquiries, not order placement.  However, I hear the frustration in your comments, and although I do not think it is appropriate to belittle others on this public forum, I do understand where you are coming from and I will do what I can to get this issue to the organization that can assist. 

    First, I have looked for what a CP2 restriction is and cannot find any reference, so if you could provide some additional information, that would be helpful.  

    Also, what were you attempting to order?  I'm also not clear on your referral to a "strange non-ascii character" - how does that come into play here? 

    Any additional information you can provide that will help me engage the appropriate team to help solve this will be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you,


  • "strange non-ascii character": I was told that CP2 could mean that there is a non-ascii character (like a Chinese character) in the address. That was not the case. There was only "US" ASCII characters in the address.

    I was trying to order some very "standard" DRV82** components that are in stock.

    I have exchanged 100+ comments for 5+ days with the support team on different tickets with NO resolution.

    The main ticket mentioned above was constantly set as "resolved" with the same feed-back "follow the error message" despite me explaining endlessly that the situation was not solved. There is obviously a trend in TI support to close as many support cases as possible instead of truly resolving.

    I have wasted too much time on this. I have given up on that specific order. For some reasons, TI doesn't want at all to sell me those parts.

  • Hello Gregoire, 

    The Order Processing team informed me that there is an "error procedure" sent to you that you must follow to verify eligibility to purchase ICs.  I (and Eallen) am told this is a confidential procedure, so I have no knowledge of what might be awry with the order as you placed it. 

    Please advise if you have followed the procedure and if not, what needs to be done? 

    Thank you,