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Schematic design for review

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TXU0104, SN74LXC8T245
Currently, we are working on the SLE-Smart-IO project consisting of many Texas parts.
I have attached a schematic PDF file of our design for review. We are using the following TI components in it:
1. TPS73718DCQR
2. SN74HC540PWT
7. TPS26625DRCT
8. INA125UA/2K5
11. TXB0108DQSR
Please review and provide your valuable feedback as soon as possible.
  • Hello Nitesh, 

    Thank you for posting on E2E.  The list of devices covers many Product Groups, and as such, we cannot review the entire schematic.  If you have a question about a specific device, then we can direct that to the correct Product Group.  

    Thank you for understanding. 


  • Hello,

    Can please review the design of the selected section of the following TI parts:
    1.TXB0108DQSR (U65, U66, U67, U69)
    2. TPS2003CDRCR (U26)
    3. TPS73718DCQR (U1)
    4. SN74HC540PWT (U60, U92)
  • Hi Nitesh,

    Please see below feedback per the TXB0108DQSR (U65, U66, U67, U69):

    • U65: No major concerns. However, note that for A1, A8, B1 and B8; unused I/O ports are recommended to be tied to GND through weak pulldown resistors (>=100kohm). The signals also seem to not be auto-bidirectional and would recommend to use auto-bidirectional devices for only auto-bidirectional signals. I would further recommend taking a look at using two TXU0104 (Or one SN74LXC8T245) for the GPIO application.
    • U66: Please ensure the series resistors used matches the impedance of the lines. Also, similarly to the above; I do not see auto-bidirectional signals. Hence, I would recommend taking a look at using two TXUs for the SPI application.
    • U67 and U69: Please refer to similar recommendations per U65.

    Note that I have also moved the thread to the next team for further feedback on the other devices as well, thanks.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Nitesh,

    Please see below feedback per the TPS2003CDCR(U26):

    1, Please make sure have a pull-up for the below signal, just like the 'USB2_OCS_N2'.

    Other is good for me.

    Best Regards,