LPSTK-CC1352R: How to reset CC1352R SensorTag to its factory setting to enable viewing of sensor data again

Part Number: LPSTK-CC1352R
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I currently have (1) CC1352R SensorTag on my hand and got curious on the SimpleLink Starter App and downloaded the sensor tag with some AOD firmware when I was exploring the features in the iOS app. I can't remember the exact steps I took but what happened afterwards is that:

1) I cannot view the sensor readings anymore when I click on "Sensor View", the buttons and LEDs do not respond when I click a button on the app.

2) When I turn on the sensor tag, the label that shows up is "DMM 15.4" and not the sensor tag name "CC1352R SensorTag" which is the default.

Can someone please help me reset the sensor tag to its out of box settings so that I could view sensor readings again?


  • Hello Hannah Natividad,

    I hope you are doing well. I would recommend you to use UniFlash to help return the device to factory settings. After downloading and opening UniFlash search for your board click start. 

    Next go to Settings and Utilities and do Device info read (to make sure we can read the device) into Perform blank check (to see if device is programed) into Erase entire flash, if you do perform blank check again it should return that no program was found on the device. 

    Next try to re-flash your project, or one of the SDK's example projects just to confirm it works correctly. 

    Alex F

  • Hello. I was able to get to the point of Erase entire flash. I also found the resource for flashing the Project Zero which is Out-of-Box Project pre-programmed to the LPSTK-CC1352R. I think I will follow that through as well as the Out of Box Demo which is said that it will advertise the Launchpad SensorTag as "Multi Sensor" which is the original state I was referring to.

    I found it here in CCS Resource Explorer: 


    Thank you for your help!