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[FAQ] How do I ask a question on E2E?

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How do I ask a question on E2E?

  • Here, you will learn how to complete the thread creation form to post a question on E2E after clicking "Ask a new question".


    Note: We recommend always searching E2E prior to posting a new question.  E2E already has hundreds of thousands of threads with existing answers.  This is often the fastest way to solve your problem.


     Part Number

    • When you start typing a part number, a drop down list will appear. You can continue typing and then select the appropriate choice.
      • The Part Number field accepts Generic Part Numbers (ex. OPA333), not Orderable Part Numbers (OPA333AIDBVT) .  We recommend typing in your part number and selecting from the drop-down as opposed to pasting a part number.
    • If you don't have a part number, check the "I don't have a part number" box.
    • Part numbers can include:
      • ICs
      • EVMs
      • Software development tools
      • TI Designs (ex. TIDAx, PMPx)
    • If you are looking for a similar or “better than” device recommendation, enter the part number for the reference device.
    • If your question applies to an entire family of devices, choose a device from that family.
    • Create a separate thread for each problem you are having.



    Select a forum

    • The forum selection will pre-populate based on the part number you entered.
    • If you don’t think the proper forum is being offered, post your issue anyways. We will ensure the proper team within TI sees it.


    E2E thread title

    • In the E2E thread title, include a short title with a phrase or several key words related to your issue.
    • Good example: “Output oscillates at 9kHz”
    • Bad example: “Part problem”
    • If you entered a Part Number or Development Tool/Software above, do not repeat it in the Thread Title field.  It will be automatically added as a prefix to your Thread Title.
    • Include a detailed description of your issue in the description box. See the FAQ "How do I use the rich text editor on threads and replies on E2E?" for rich text editor usage.



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