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My logon email address is changed, but I am still getting emails at the old address

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6 months ago I changed my email address from my old job to my personal email. I can log on with my personal email address, but I just realized that all the messages having to do with my recent forums posts are going to my old work email! And tomorrow (Friday) is my last day with access to my old work email address. I looked through the various fields and can't figure out how TI is remembering my old work email. The one with cats in the domain is my personal, the one with electro in the domain is my old job.



  • Hi Lloyd,

    Please send your old and new email addresses to me using the "Send a Private Message" feature.


  • It looks like you have two separate myTI accounts, one associated to your work email address and one associated to your personal address.  Be sure when logging in to stop the browser from automatically logging you in with cached credentials.  You can either clear your cache or use a private browsing window to accomplish this.  I'd also suggest contacting the Customer Support Center and requesting they delete the TIPass account for the email address associated to your work email address.  You can contact them at ticsc.service-now.com/csm

    Bill Traynor
    E2E SysAdmin/DevOps

  • In reply to William Traynor:

    That's what's so weird about this. I verified that I'm signed on as my personal email and my old profile isn't stored in my browser, but forum messages in reply to my posts are going to my old work email. I gave more details to Leonard Ellis. Depending on what he finds, it might make sense just to kill the old profile.



  • In reply to lslonim:

    updated email address in E2E Profile.  Test notification now being sent to the new address.