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Can't download data sheets

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I'm trying to download data sheets, and every time I get this message:

It looks like we’ve encountered some resistance.

(Sorry, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.)

I've already tried:

Logging out and using the site when I'm logged out.

Rebooting my PC.

Using Internet explorer instead of google chrome.

Deleting all site cookies from my computer.

I still get the same error screen each time.

  • Hello Alon,

     How are you attempting to download the datasheets? From a stored link?  If so, this would cause the error you are seeing. 

    Please go to the Product Folder page for the particular device you are researching, click the link to VIEW or DOWNLOAD the datasheet from this page.  Let us know if you experience any difficulty using this method.




  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    No, I'm not using stored link.

    It happened first when I was selecting parts at Digikey and wanted to see the data sheets,  so I entered the TI site, searched for these parts using parametric search, and when I found them, I got the same results.

    I also notice that when I enter the component page, the data sheet link is grayed out. 

  • In reply to Alon Goldstein:

    Thanks for the info, Alon.  Looking into this, may take some time.  And just curious, when you were on the DigiKey site, did you click the link to the datasheet from that page, or did you first go to ti.com and try directly from here?  And what were a few of the datasheets you were attempting to download? 


  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    When I tried from Digikey, I did it both ways - I clicked the PDF Icon on the search list,  and also entered the component page and clicked the "Datasheet" Text.

    At first it happened when I tried to check a comparator data sheet, but it seems to happen for whatever component I choose.

    For example, LM111.
    When I try to download other documents from this component page, such as user guide (UCC38C42 30-W Synchronous Buck Converter Reference Design), it goes without any problem.

    A funny thing just happened.

    After I typed the lines above, and copied the address of the LM111 page from the browser, it automatically became a link. I clicked it, and the page opened, but this time I could download the Datasheet.
    Returned to writing it here, and the link was turned to the text "LM111" without link, but now it seems that I can download data sheets again.

  • In reply to Alon Goldstein:

    okay, thanks.  I just confirmed there was some database change that was made yesterday that is causing this issue, IT is working diligently to correct the glitch.  Stay tuned . . .   

  • In reply to LeonardEllis:

    Hi Leonard,

    The issue has been rectified. All data sheets should now be showing as normally expected.