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how to combine two existing TI accounts?

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Hi there,

Today I noticed TI requires company or university emails to post on this forum, 

I used to use my personal account (email: xiaoyimaria@163.com) for 7+years as a HW engineer, got many helps from TI in 400+ posts, and I do appreciate that.

My current working email is this account : yi.xiao@focus-fusion.com (as I logged in now), which might be registed at some Ti's off-line seminar activity years ago. But I barely use this account.

As these two accounts exists at the same time, I assume that I just cannot simply  change my email address in my personal email account like the FAQ tells.

So, is it there any way to combine these two accunts? or migrating my personal email accounts' posts (which is valuable for me) into this company email account ? Thanks very  much !