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I ordered an MSP432 board and a booster pack. I paid for the order with a credit card. The order is in limbo -- apparently the person reviewing the order didn't like my email address (a private domain I've owned for many years) or "company name." It's a personal project board and I keep day-job stuff separate (although there's no reason why I wouldn't use the part in a day-job design).

I replied to the email asking for clarification and have not heard back. I created a support case to address this, and that support case was closed because it was a duplicate of the case created by the system when the order was held up. But! I cannot access that "original" case because customers don't get to see cases created by the system.

So there's a charge on my credit card. There's an order I can't edit and I can't cancel, but yet as I understand the situation, it won't ship because of some requirement I don't understand.

Why can't an engineer just order an eval board without getting hassled? Microchip is quite happy to sell a SAM E70 board. NXP sold me an LPC55S28 board. Silicon Labs has no problem selling me programming pods and boards. It's not like I asked for free samples of $200 parts.

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  • Hi Andy,

    Do you have the TI store order number you can send me?  I will go dig up the details and find out what's happening and work to get it resolved.

    I'm sorry for the painful process, and I will get back to you quickly once I can get the order number.


  • In reply to Jaime Beringer:

    HI, Jaime -- order # T00957629.

    It was fulfilled over the weekend. Apparently I told your "customer service" people what they wanted to hear. I tried to cancel the order but they couldn't/wouldn't do that, either. It's really a stupid policy where you have someone review all of the orders to make sure we meet unpublished criteria.

    I know you're trying to reduce the load on tech support by restricting write privileges to the forum but restricting sales? TI keeps pushing "Order now!" for all of the parts in the catalog -- which is a good thing! But I wonder what will happen when I try to order a hundred op-amps from your store and that gets rejected too.

    Either the TI online store is for Big Customers only and you make that clear and send everyone else to Mouser or DigiKey -- which is fine -- or you open the store for everyone. 

  • In reply to Andy Peters:

    Hi again Andy,

    Order T00957629 was entered on October 7th, shipped on the 9th and was delivered yesterday. I do not see that it was on hold at any time or required an approval for export control, but per your description it sounds like something unexpectedly occurred .  We don't restrict ordering on TI.com to any customer, and you can order 1 part or 100,000+ parts, but we do of course need to comply with government regulations for exporting goods, which is the only block that someone might encounter.  We have done quite a few updates to make purchasing easier, so I'm sorry that you struggled last week.  Is there anything else I can take care of for you?

    My best,


  • In reply to Jaime Beringer:

    Hi Andy,
    Do you have an order number for 
    the TI store that you can give me? 
    I'm going to go dig up the specifics to 
    figure out what's going on and work to fix it. 

    Sorry for the painful process, and once I can get 
    the order number, I will get back to you quickly. 
    I know you're trying to reduce the burden on tech 
    support by limiting the forum's writing rights, but limiting sales? 
    For all the parts in the catalog, TI keeps pressing "Order now!" — which is a good thing!
    But I wonder what's going to happen when I try to order 
    a hundred op-amps from your shop, and that's also going to be ignored.