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MSP432E401Y question an Forum sections

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I posted a question :  "MSP432E401Y: 3 synchronized PWMs using toggling on compare match to generated phase shifter waveforms" on 9th November 2020 and have not got any response

unlike from my previous postings. This posting is automatically selecting "Other microcontrollers forum" when i select the correct MSP432E401Y part.

I noticed that with my previous questions, i was able to select the MSP430.. sub-forums and that's where my questions were placed.

However now when i select as "Part Number" the device  "MSP432E401Y" ,the only option under the "Select a forum"  dropdown menu is "Others microcontrollers forum".

Even when posting this support question, as soon as i selected the "MSP432E401Y" part, i was moved to the "Others microcontroller forum". The only way to be able to select 

this forum was by enabling the "I dont have a part number" checkbox.


David Nyarko

  • Hi David,

    This is actually intentional.  That particular part number should direct to the Other microcontrollers forum.

    Bill Traynor
    E2E SysAdmin/DevOps

  • In reply to William Traynor:

    Thanks. So maybe my posting on 9th November 2020 not being responded to is just an anomaly.

  • In reply to David Nyarko:

    Hi David, your post from the 9th was an anomaly and we're looking into why it was overlooked.  It will be addressed today.



    Bill Traynor
    E2E SysAdmin/DevOps