Can't get samples request access.

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Why was my samples access declined? I created an account using my personal account. It got declined and I asked if I used my school address would i have access. They then declined me and won't say why.

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  • Hi James - the team that handles these requests is out of the office for the holidays, someone will respond to you next week - Jim

  • In reply to Jim Carrillo:

    I actually requested access first using my personal account. It got declined. I then used my school email and that also got declined for no reason. It is frustrating as I have followed all of the steps correctly but they decline without reason.

  • In reply to James Young2:

    Hi James,

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this frustration - I'm assuming you've read through the Sample Program guidelines shown below:

    In the meantime, I will have someone from that team respond to you next week - Jim

  • In reply to Jim Carrillo:

    Hi James,

    Sorry for the inconvenience your facing.  As a student you will unfortunately not be able to order samples/EVMs.  The sample program is designed for professional development activities, and therefore, we do not provide samples to students/professors outside of the TI’s university programs.

    If you belong to a University within TI's university program, please let us know and I can reach out over private message here for more information. 

    Thanks you and best regards,