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Connect two e2e accounts

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Hi there. Is there a way to connect my two e2e accounts so that I have my points and contacts with my new account?

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to connect two accounts at this time.  I am able to delete an account and assign all of the deleted accounts posts to another account, but unfortunately the points do not transfer to the new account.  If you can wait, we will be able to do this by March/April.  Please let me know if you'd prefer to delete now or wait until points can be transferred.

    Bill Traynor
    E2E SysAdmin/DevOps

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    thank you for fast reply. I can wait until March or April. Should I ask you in April again or can you contact me when the time comes? 

    Gennadi Starobinski

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    Thanks Gennadi, please make this request again in March/April.

    Bill Traynor
    E2E SysAdmin/DevOps