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Part Number: ADC6120EVM-PDK

I downloaded Purpath console 3 and was able to connect to the device - ADC6120EVM-PDK.  It is an ADC.  I am not able to hear anything from the device's microphone.  I can see my pc detects the device as TI USB audio device.  I could not find any instructions on how to test the device.  I am looking for instructions to configure the device to output audio, so I would be able to hear the sound from the microphone or record the audio from the microphone to evaluate the performance of the ADC.


  • Hi Raymond,

    Have you read through the EVM user's guide? There are preset configurations in the GUI you can use that should allow you to easily record the signal from the microphones. 



  • Thanks for the reply.  I misinterpreted the GUI menu in Pure Path Console 3; plus the gain setting in preset config is too low for far field recording.  I have to turn up the gain and set volume to max for my pc and in Pure Path Console 3 playback.