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TMUX1574: looking for higher driving capability Mux solution for SPI interface

Part Number: TMUX1574

Dear team,

We use TMUX1574 for SPI mux solution but face to raising/falling time issue. 

The raising/falling time is higher due to big Cload, did we have higher driving capability device can improve T_rise&fall?



  • This device is a passive switch. The drive strength is determined by the transmitting device, and is slightly reduced by the switch's resistance and capacitance.

    To increase the drive strength, do not use an analog switch but digital multiplexers/demultiplexers. Are there two masters or two slaves? What is the frequency and voltage of the signals?

  • Hey Ben,

    Clemens is correct here. The TMUX1574 isn't going to drive any signals. It's just a passive switch that allows signals to go pass through. It will impact the rise/fall times slightly just from the Ron and Con intrinsic to the device but these values in the TMUX1574 are so low already I wouldn't think that the effects would be so great that switching it out would resolve any issue you may be running into. 
    That being said, you're probably looking for a digital multiplexer / demultiplexer or even maybe a buffer at the input of the multiplexer. 
    Just reiterate what Clemens asked as well, what voltage and frequency ranges are you working with? This will help determine what the proper part for you would be.