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TMUX6212: Can this device work at +-2.5V supply?

Part Number: TMUX6212
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CD4066B


I'm trying to replace a device on my board with TMUX6212RUMR but I don’t have a +5V on the board available now.  

Looking the datasheet again, I have a doubt about the possibility to work at +-2.5V supply, because the datasheet says that it requires to meet the minimum VDD which is 4.5V, not 2.5V if I am right, could you check please and let me know your thoughts?


We require to supply at Vdd= +2.5V  and Vss = -2.5V. And the 16-Pin WQFN package. Can you confirm this is possible  ?

Thank you,


  • There must be at least 4.5 V between VDD and GND. So you could use VSS = GND (which implies that the control input signals must be relative to VSS).

  • Hey Adam,

    You're correct here. The TMUX6212 is not recommend to be supplied with +/-2.5V rails. There's a good chance that the device will not be operation at this supply level.

    Does the solution need to be a drop-in solution? If WQFN package is a requirement and it needs to be drop-in/P2P match there won't be an option for +/-2.5V rail supply. If there is flexibility in the package, the CD4066B is another 4 channel 1:1 device that may be a cost effective solution as well. 

    Clemens suggestion is also a potential solution but I would be careful when doing this. Your VIH/VIL levels will shift down by 2.5V here. So you'll need a negative voltage for VIH and even more negative for VIL. If the system can support it, it may be a good solution as well. However, if this is aiming to be a drop-in solution and you're trying to replace an existing device with the TMUX6212 this may be tricky, as the ground will need to be biased and other devices may be sharing this same ground.