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TS3A5017-Q1: Multiplexing AC Signal

Part Number: TS3A5017-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMUX4052-Q1, TMUX2889, TMUX4051, MUX36D08

Hi, I want to multiplex nos. of AC Signals. my AC Signal strength is 500mV RMS. Which IC should I use to multiplex the AC Signal.


Amit Srivastava


  • You can use any analog multiplexer that supports the desired bandwidth and voltage range.

    The TS3A5017-Q1 supports only voltages between GND and 3.6 V. If your signal goes below GND, then you need a switch that supports dual supplies ("Power supply voltage - dual" in the search function), or a switch that has the "Supports negative voltages" feature.

  • Hello Amit 

    I agree with Clemens on this 

    1. If you want to use a dual supply mux the TMUX4052-Q1 can be an option as it can be used in a +/-5v supply and pass any signal between that range.

    2. If you want to use a device that "Supports negative voltages"  with a single supply you can use the tmux2889. This device is a 2:1 2channel device instead which is different than the configuration for your original device and is not an automotive device.

    Do you need an automotive device?

    Please let me know 



  • Hi Clemens , Thanks for your reply

  • Hi Kameron, Thank you for your reply. 

    My intended use is not automotive. Also since i have to multiplex more than one AC signals can I use TMUX7348FPWR for low voltage AC signal input ( 500mV).  One more thing , if i have to use more than one tmux2889 can i use Vdd pins of tmux2889 ICs as a simple multiplexer enable switch ( A0, A1, A2...).. What i mean to say that if i made Vdd =0 on continuous basis for device selection , will it have any negative impact on device itself.


  • I have to multiplex 6 AC signals....

  • What available supplies are there?

    The TMUX2889 behaves like an open switch when powered off.

  • Hi Clemens.

    +5V and +3.3 V is available. I can modify the design to accommodate -5V supply also. I am going to implement the Multiplexing solution using MUX4051 and MUX36D08IRSNR,  as i don't know switching VDD of tmux2889  on and off on regular intervals will be a better design practice... Kindly tell  me if i am wrong somewhere..


  • Hello,

    so adding to what Clemens said, I would advise to not use the TMUX7348 or MUX36D08. These devices are designed to primarily be used in higher supply voltage applications. If you are not comfortable turning on and off the supply voltage ln the (tmux2889 use case) I would suggest using the tmux4051.

    It can be supplied using at +/- 5v supplies and can pass any signals within that range. This would be perfect for your use case!

    In addition you can leave the unused pins floating  or terminate them to ground using  50 ohm resistors.

    We recommend that your signal frequency be 3x less than the bandwidth of your mux. So in this example because the mux bandwidth is 280mhz, you should not need any termination resistors if your signal frequencies are less than 93mHz.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Hi Kameron,

    Thankyou for your suggestion. I will try to test both tmux2889 and Mux4051. Thanks again.