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TMUX1574: Recommended the MUX for SGMII(2.5GHz) application

Part Number: TMUX1574
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMUX1511, TMUX121, TMUX136, TMUX646, TMUX131

Hello Team,

We are looking for a solution for SGMII usage, requiring a 2.5GHz speed (Currently using TMUX1574PWR)

Could you have any recommended for TMUX?



  • Hi Gary,

    We have a handful of devices with over 2.5GHz bandwidth. Any of these would work as long as they meet your voltage and configuration requirements. The TMUX131, TMUX136 and TMUX646 offer ~6GHz of bandwidth with TMUX1511 and TMUX121 offering 3GHz and 3.3GHz respectfully. For headroom reasons, I'd suggest going with the one of the 6GHz parts depending on your specific application and use case configuration needs. 

    Here's a link to those devices!



  • Hello Alex,

    We need your advice on how to select TMUX in our application.

    Please refer to the following schematic ,  1xTMUX1574PWR + 2xDS25BR110TSDX (buffer)

    SGMII speed 2.5GHz


    Q1: For DS25BR110TSDX, can this part be used for SGMII interface ?  Is it ok to connect VCC to 3.3V? This VCC is independent of input interface, right ?

    Q2: Due to TMUX1574PWR only support bandwidth 2GHz, TMUX121 supports 3GHz bandwidth.

          Is there a correlation between bandwidth and speed?  Or is it sufficient as long as the speed is lower than the bandwidth?


  • Hi Gary,

    Our general rule of thumb is to select a device with 1.5x the bandwidth that will be going through the device. So for a 2.5GHz signal, we suggest 3.75GHz minimum to avoid distortion. That would leave us with TMUX131, TMUX136 and TMUX646. TMUX136 and TMUX646 are ideal here based on your schematic above. I suggested TMUX1511 and TMUX121 because some users might be willing to accept a degree of attenuation. 

    Please take a look at our FAQ page, where we have some info about selecting a device based on data rate and bandwidth

    Also, it looks like DS25BR110TSDX can be supplied with 3.3V per the recommended operating conditions of the datasheet. This part belongs to HSSC so if you have more questions pertaining to this device I can move this thread to their group.