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TS5A4624: Current consumption when COM is connected to NC and when it is connected to NO.

Part Number: TS5A4624
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ24075

I want to know the current consumption when COM is connected to NC and when it is connected to NO. Is it the same current consumed by the IC or different values. What I think is that when COM is connected to NC it should not consume any current as it is in NC state and it should consume current only when COM is connected to NO pin. It also says in the datasheet that it consumes 100mA continuous current through V+. Shall I consider this current or a different current.


  • Abhinandan,

    The current consumption of the device is specified in the datasheet under the test conditions below.  Thought the phrasing isn't good, switch on and off means the current was measured with both COM connect to NC and COM connected to NO.  Another way to phrase this is the IN pin is set to logic high or logic low. 

    The statement in the datasheet 100mA continuous current through V+ is an absolute maximum rating before there is risk of damaging the part.  The abs max table is to let you know what limits to protect the IC from unexpected transients or conditions that could be in your system during non typical operation.  In typical operation the device only consumes <500nA across the full temperature range.

    What are you using this switch to do that is consumption current sensitive? 

    Thank you,


  • Dear Adam,

    Thank you very much for the reply.
    I am making a power budget for this wearable device that I am designing, so I needed the current values of the different devices that are included in the design and one of the IC's used is this one. That is why I was considering the current consumption of this device to be 100mA. Now that you have clarified that it consumes only some nA I will change the values in my database. This decrease really reduces the current requirement of my device.

    I would need help in one more thing if it is possible.
    I have posted a question under the thread "BQ24075: Current Consumption of the IC" and I am not able to get a proper solution, I would be very grateful to you if you could help me in this case also.

    Thanks again.