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TS5A22362: Use TS5A22362 to direct continuous current?

Part Number: TS5A22362

Hi TI experts,

I'm going to use this switch to direct continuous current (output from a power supply) to either one of the two loops. As attached.

Power supply will constantly output for example 1A current.

I have two concern about this design:

1) In the datasheet, Vcom, Vno, and Vnc have to be within Vcc-5.5 to Vcc. However, the power supply will be a floating ground. I don't think they are referenced to the ground plane of the TS5A22362. Will that be an issue? If so, how should I get around with it?

2) The maximum current rating of this part is 350mA, I would have to shunt three switches in parallel to achieve this. Will there be any problem if I shunt three switches together (Vcc, COM, NO, NC nodes are combined among three switches, respectively.

Thank you for your help in advance.



  • Hi Yixin,

    Thanks for posting to E2E. Due to holidays, our response time may be delayed. You will hear back from me on Monday, December 23rd!

    We appreciate your patience!



  • Hi Yixin,

    Thanks for sending the diagram. To answer your questions:

    1. The ratings table for TS5A22362 states that all voltages are with respect to ground (of the device, GND). If you can ensure that the voltages at COM, NC, NO are within the range Vcc-5.5V to Vcc (with respect to the device's ground), then this is within the device's specification and a power supply with floating ground may be used.

    2. Placing three devices in parallel in order to reduce channel current on each device may lead to situations where the individual device current rating may be exceeded. Because the I/O nodes are all tied together, there could be brief instances during switching events where current in one channel may exceed the absolute maximum rating and the device may not function properly or may be damaged.

    Thank you for your interest in TI analog switches. TI also has a portfolio of power management switches which I encourage you to explore for this application, due to your need to switch this amount of current from a power source.

    Best regards,