LMH6583: Cross reference for AD8177 and AD8175

Part Number: LMH6583

Hi Sir,

May I know the LMH6583 can or not replace the AD8177 and AD8175?

The application is the RGB signals for 8 Diff in x 4 Diff out, and the resolution support the 1600x1200 @85Hz.

If any, please advise.

  • Hi Henry,

    The LMH6583 is not p2p with either the AD8177 or the AD8175. The largest difference is that the AD8177 and AD8175 have 3 sets of 16x5 / 16x9 on the  device. One set for each color information R/G/B. However 3 of them would be able to replace the Analog Devices versions of the part. 

    If you have any other questions please let me know!


    Parker Dodson