SN74LVC2G53: Frequency response

Part Number: SN74LVC2G53

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My customer would like to use PWM signal(about 100kHz) on SN74LVC2G53. For the frequency response of SN74LVC2G53, does it mean SN74LVC2G53 can support frequency up to MHz according to VCC? 

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  • Hi Hardy,

    At 3V with a 50pF and 600 Ohm load the switch has a -3dB bandwidth of ~190MHz and when the capacitor and resistor are 5pF and 50 Ohms the bandwidth can be >300MHz. 

    - One note is that we test frequency with a sine wave - so when passing a square wave some margin should be used  (3/2 * fundamental frequency as a minimum) so a 100MHz square wave should have ~150MHz of bandwidth to capture the higher frequency content. 

    This part should have no problem passing a 100KHz PWM signal as it will be well below the bandwidth. As long as the PWM signal doesn't violate any of the voltage specifications on the multiplexers pins  (0V - VCC is the rec. operating conditions with a 3V supply) and to make sure that no more than +/-50mA are flowing through the switch. If these conditions are met I don't see any issue with using this part in this application.

    If you have any other questions please let me know!


    Parker Dodson

  • Hi Parker,

    Thanks for your prompt response and clear explanation. I will let customer know that.

    I will close this thread.

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