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TMUX1134: The truth table in the part datasheet is inconsistent with the part

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Part Number: TMUX1134

I added the part in my design and later realized that the part is inconsistent with the figures. The datasheet has another component, the TMUX1133. For which, it shows that with SEL1 = 0, D1 is connected to S1A. Whereas for TMUX1134, it says SEL1 = 0, D1 is connected to S1B. The figures, however, depict the switch arm the same for both parts. This effects the starting transient phase in my design. Can you please confirm which is the right one?

Thank you

  • Hi Saad,

    I believe you are referring to the block diagram of the part that can be visible on the front page of the datasheet? 

    This image is meant to show the number of switches internal to each device but it does not call out which input is connected based on a given logic voltage. We can however make updates to the image to be more clear.

    Regarding the position of the switches with a logic 0. Please refer to the truth tables on page 26 as this is source of information for which input is connected with different logic voltages on the various control pins. 

    How are you using the TMUX1134 in your system?



  • In reply to Dakotah:

    Hey Dakotah,

    Thank you for getting back to me swiftly!

    From what you mentioned it means that at logic 0 for SEL1 S1B is connected to D1. Essentially what's mentioned in the truth table.

    It would be nice to update the datasheet as it's a little confusing to look at the same images but different truth-tables for the two models.

    I'm using the IC as an SPDT relay-like circuit with low currents of the order of 2mA. Does this usecase make sense in your opinion?

    Thank you again and best regards,


  • In reply to Saad Tariq:

    Hi Saad,

    You are correct that the proper connection is logic 0 for SEL1 S1B connected to D1. Just like is shown in the truth table.

    We have updated the images in the datasheet to eliminate any confusion. Please allow a few days for it to refresh on the web.

    This is a similar use case as we have seen before, it can be quite useful to use a switch in this manner.