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TS5A23157: TS5A23157 Propagation Delay

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My customer is looking for a dual MUX device to switch between 2x and 4x mode for SPI flash. This would require MUXing just two of the 4 data bits: 

Would it be ok to mux/buffer only these two bits in 4x mode? Would the propogation delay of the MUX cause and issue with delay/skew of the SPI data? 



  • Hi Emma,

    Thank you for posting to E2E.

    To avoid any complications with inconsistent delays, I would suggest sending all four lines through a mux. For SPI signals, my recommendation is to use TMUX1511, which is a 4-channel 1:1 device that features powered-off protection. Please see the functional diagram below:



  • In reply to Kate Dickson:

    Hi Kate, 

    Thanks for your quick response! 

    I don't think a 1:1 device would work here, since SPIO2 and SPIO3 need to be connected either to SPI_DATA2 and SPI_DATA3 or WP and HOLD, as indicatd in the diagram. With the 1:1 device above, it looks like you would only be able to disconnect the Data lines, not swap them with WP and HOLD. 

    Do you have an alternative suggestion? 



  • In reply to Emma Yanakiev11:

    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for the clarification. 

    I recommend using TMUX1574, which is a 4-channel 2:1 device that supports SPI signals and features powered-off protection.

    For this solution, you could connect SDIO0 and SDIO1 to both source terminals of their respective channels. See the functional diagram below: