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Hello Guys

To repair an agilent IO logger card we need 5 pieces of TTL bus switch "SN74CBTK32245ZKER".

I cant find it on the TI homepage, but you can buy it in the Internet. (only whole VPEs :()


Do you know where i can order 5 pieces of this IC?

best regards 


  • The information on the Avnet web page is wrong; the SN74CBTK32245 has been discontinued.

    The product discontinuance notification was sent out in April. It said:

    Due to an equipment End-Of-Life notice from our substrate supplier, we are phasing out certain MicroStar BGA & MicroStar BGAJr package devices and offering a life time buy.

    The last date to order was Oct 30. There are no authorized distributors. It is no longer possible to manufacture more devices.

    You could try to find some devices somewhere else (that information might be outdated).

  • In reply to Clemens Ladisch:


    Thanks for your resolve.

    Do anyone know where i can order 5 pieces/samples of this IC?

    or have someone some of them in his store?

    best regards


  • In reply to Thomas Felixberger:

    Hi Tom,

    The SN74CBTK32245 was discontinued  recently due to the EOL .

    The discontinuation notice lists “SN74CBT34X245DBBR“ as a possible replacement. It has similar functionality to the SN74CBTK32245.