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TS5A3359: negative rail capability for SP3T

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Part Number: TS5A3359


I wanted to know if the TS5A3359 has negative rail capability? And till what voltage?

Are there any other TI chips that are SP3T and have negative rail capability upto -1.8V at least.



  • Hi Kanika,

    The TS5A3359  does not support negative signals. As you see in the datasheet, the input voltage can go high up to Vcc.

    The post you referenced shows it is possible that you can bias the switch with +/-2.5V instead of 5V but you have to be careful as all the datasheet values will be referenced to -2.5V instead of 0V and the VIH and VIL levels will also be shifted.

    Currently we do not have a 1:3 configuration switch with negative rail capability. Can you use a different configuration for your application?

    We do have negative rail capability in other configurations. You van find them in the device search tool here.