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CD74HC4051: SImulation Model

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Part Number: CD74HC4051

Dear Team,

I am looking for simulation models (Either TINA (or) PSPICE) for the below parts.


I am not able to find them in website.
Kindly let know if available in any forum.


Mohana Krishnan M

  • Hi Mohana,

    The models are available on the product folder under "Design & development" tab.

    You can see the  SN74LVC14A model available here.

    We don't have a Pspice mode for CD74HC4051. What are you trying to model with the switch?  You can create a model using the datasheet parameters or we can help answer questions about the switch performance.

    The CD74HC supports 5V applications. We also have new TMUX parts in similar configuration that offer more features.

    The new TMUX1308 has 1.8-V compatible control inputs, Break-before-make, Fail-safe logic and Injection current control and is available in  16-pin SOT-23-THN package.

    See below the comparison summary: