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TMUX136: Support MIPI-DSI

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Part Number: TMUX136


We needed a MIPI-DSI switch in our project.

Considered TS5MP646 but it is not suitable to our layout constraints.

Resolution is 1920x1080x60x24 (4Lane)

TMUX136 supports MIPI-DSI? Can be used in every lane individually?


  • Hey Ali,
    Does your design need differential lanes? 
    If not, this would be do-able with the TMUX136 but would require atleast 2 devices. The clocks could be directly connected to the MIPI modules from the processor but if you wanted to switch the clocks too, it would require another (3rd) chip. *Pic below to clarify better. There would be some difficulties in actually designing this from the perspective of wires crossing and the added digital logic lines may require some extra layers in board design though. However, if you require differential lanes, then the TMUX136 would not be appropriate. TS5MP646 would be your best bet for differential. However, seeing as how it isn't suitable for you layout constraints, if you could relay your concerns with it, depending on the constraints I can try and help find a work-around or offer another solution.

    Rami Mooti

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    Dear Rami,

    Thanks for your support.

    We need differential lanes. So, i think i 'll try to find another mipi switch.

    If I use TS5MP646, layout will be special-product with new constraints and getting cost-high.

    For example; it will be min clearence 40um, min.line width aprox. 50um , via size 35umx15um like that...

    I wish there is QFN or alternative similar package.



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    I fully understand the constraints. We looked around for you though and I believe the TS3DV642 may be a better fit? It comes in QFN package and has differential lanes. It's typically used for HDMI and display ports so the bandwidth is sufficient. Additionally, it's 12 channel so it would fit the same design we discussed with the TMUX136, without all the complexities. Take a look and let me know if it aligns with what you're looking for!

    Hope this helps,


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    Dear Sami,

    It looks much better. Thanks a lot for your support.

    I've a few questions about it;

    1) I've 4Data+1Clk in diff. (forgot to say before. Sorry for it.) Can I use AUX (SDA/SCL) channel for MIPI clock path or data path? Does it act as normal diff. signal line? (like DA/DB).

    2) If I can use AUX channel for clock/data lines, there will be no pull-up or pull-down resistor on AUX+- lines. That is negative effect to work?

    3) I see HD3SS215I (QFN), what about do you think? Is it suitable MIPI 4Data+1Clk ? Its AUX ch. seen as diff line in datasheet. But, AUX ch. bandwidth (typ.720MHz) may not be sufficient for our resolution. Right?



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    I'm glad the TS3DV642 works! 

    1/2) As these are just analog I/O pins that should be fine as long as you stay within the recommended voltage range, below. MIPI-DSI is typically push pull architecture so you wouldn't need a pullup/down resistor on these.

    3)HD3SS215I looks good but as you said the AUX channel BW is just outside the range of what you would require and I wouldn't recommend pushing it, so sticking with the TS3DV642 maybe be the best bet.

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    Hi Rami,

    To be sure;

    AUX channel also can be used as MIPI_DSI data or clock switch? Because, it is analog passive bi-directional switch.