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TS5MP645: TS5MP645: Alternative Part for MIPI-CSI Switch with Bigger Package and Pitch

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Part Number: TS5MP645


I am actually looking for a CSI- 4 Lane Switch IC bigger in the package. Shall I use TS3DV642  for the CSI Switch application?


Chithambara Ganesh

  • Hi Chithambara,

    Can you provide some details on your end application - Where are you using this switch? Does it require differential signals?

    The TS5MP646 and TS5MP645 are available in WCSP packages. Bigger packages would mostly be in "QFN" like the TS3DV642.



  • In reply to Saminah C:

    Hi Saminah,

    The end application is to connect either one of 4-lane CSI Cameras with the Processor. It is exactly the same application of TS5MP645 (refer below image from datasheet of TS5MP645). TS5MP645 since only available in 0.4mm Pitch BGA it is tough for PCB Manufacturing and we are looking for different package.

    Let us know

    1) Different package option for 4-Lane CSI Switch (2:1)

    2) If you have 2-Lane CSI Switch kindly share those part numbers


    Chithambara Ganesh

  • In reply to Chithambara Ganesh57:

    Hi Chithambara,

    In which End equipment are you using the switch - Most of the PE prefer smaller pitch packages and hats where the DSBGA with 0.4 mm pitch has an advantage.

    You can look at these switches from the high speed interface - they are mostly in QFN package. If you have specific questions, I can loop you in with the HSSC product line engineers for this thread.