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CD74HC4051: Absolute maximum ratings for I/O pins

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Part Number: CD74HC4051


Is there an absolute maximum rating for I/O pins(Pin1~5,12~15)?
If not, what specs do we have to follow regarding I/O pins?

Best regards,
Yuto Sakai

  • The absolute maximum ratings specify a limit for the diode current when you go more than 0.5 V beyond the power rails. This implies that you are allowed to use any voltage between VEE − 0.5 V and VCC + 0.5 V (and any voltage beyond that if you limit the current).

  • In reply to Clemens Ladisch:

    Hi Yuto,

    Please let us know if you have further questions on the absolute maximum ratings of this device. 

    The CD74HC supports 5V applications. We also have new TMUX parts in similar configuration that offer more features.

    The new TMUX1308 has 1.8-V compatible control inputs, Break-before-make, Fail-safe logic and Injection current control and is available in  16-pin SOT-23-THN package.

    See below the comparison summary: