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TS3USB30: SWITCH USB over Android

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Part Number: TS3USB30

Currently I am building a circuit to control using an Arduino the flow communication between Android-PC and Android-Microcontroller, since the connection android-PC requires android to be in accessory mode, and the connection Android-Microcontroller requires Host mode, I have made a small circuit to control the OTG pin, now that I implemented it, I am able to swtich them, initially the device starts with Android-PC connected, they have connection to each other, the connection Android-microcontroller works perfectly aswell, but when I swtich back to connect Android-PC again, the connection does not establish, I tried many things, but it never starts via software, I have to remove the USB cable and connect it manually to be able to establish the connection, I dont know if I am missing something, but I have seen some bullt-in switch solution and they are able to perform this switching without this problem, am I doing something wrong?