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TS5A3159A: INC(ON) and INO(ON) max spec

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Part Number: TS5A3159A



Om page 6 of the datasheet, maximum INC(ON) and INO(ON) over full temperature are specified 20nA at V+=3.3V.

However, looking at figure#5 on page 11, they are around 30nA at V+=3.6V, it exceeds the maximum spec on page 6. Why?


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  • Hi Kazuhiko,

    I see the problem you are seeing as well. 

    I am waiting for a response from our team to validate this, but it seems like the graph is incorrect. On Leakage - how TI defines it , should follow the following equation I_ON_NC = I_ON_COM or I_ON_NO = I_ON_COM. The graphs show a difference in these two lines and that is not a typical response. 

    I am waiting on validation from our team, but it seems like the graph is off.  I should have your answer by EOD tomorrow at the latest, but if something else comes up I'll be sure to let you know!


    Parker S Dodson

  • Hi Kazuhiko,

    So it looks like the graph is incorrect - Leakage(on)_COM = Leakage(on)_NO -> this is because the sources of leakage are the same on the input/output pins , when you test on leakage the common and the input have the same leakage current - it does seem like there is a misprint in the tables section of the graph.

    For a little more information into this please see our precision lab video on leakage currents in muxs: here.


    Parker Dodson